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A bit of Buffalo in DC

Below are a few photos from the National Press Foundation Awards Dinner, which was quite an honor to be a part of; I did my best to represent our fine city. Here is a shot my wife took of me and Robert Siegel, legendary host of NPR's All Things Considered, and one of my very favorite journalists:


Robert won the W.M. Kiplinger Award for Distinguished Contributions to Journalism. Then I experienced a wonderful Buffalo moment on stage. CNN's Wolf Blitzer, a Buffalo native, accepted the Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. And Mark Drajem, also a Buffalo native, won the Feddie Award along with another Bloomberg reporter. Mark's father Robert managed to get a great shot of the three of us:


Wolf was gracious and down to earth in person. He even gave a shout out to me and Canisius College, my alma mater, since he will be giving the commencement address in May.


Another shot of me and Mark Drajem at the VIP event before the dinner... 

The Buffalo theme even continued to the after party, as Tom Toles (my predecesor here at the News) performed in his journalist band Suspicious Package.


Nesting doll


The blues


The home stretch

So this is it, the final week of my paternity leave. And it's been incredible. Yes, being Mr. Mom has its minor challenges, like spit ups and diaper blowouts. But these things are dwarfed in comparison to the countless moments of wonder and amazment that come with watching your baby grow. Plus a dirty diaper has nothing on my inbox - you should see some of the hate mail I get (which reminds me, I promised I would post some). I fully intended to be more active on the blog, as I had suggested. Sorry I never followed through with that - I've simply enjoyed my time being a dad. And time certainly flies when you're having fun. My return to work will be bittersweet, since I'm longing to pick up my ongoing conversation with you, the readers. Over the past several months I've gathered all kinds of inspiration, so don't be surprised to see a baby metaphor or two. I'll leave you for now with this Instagram pic my wife Jessica took of me one January morning. It certainly sums up my experience. 

Baby sabbatical

MrMomWe usually hear people say "I'm leaving to spend more time with my family," as they're knee deep in scandal. Well, in my case, I really am leaving to spend more time with my family. But for only a few months. Today is the first day of my eight-week paternity leave. I have decided to take this temporary break from cartooning just as my wife returns to work today. I'm doing so in order to spend time with our amazing three-month-old son Clyde (and our French bulldog Olive). So that's where I'll be in case you're wondering where I am. But have no fear, I may be posting occasionally with colleague's work, interesting hate-mail, or anything else that strikes my fancy. Thanks to The Buffalo News for being pro-family, and thank you to all my readers for your continued loyalty. See you in March.

Annual tradition


Best of 2013

This marks the first year of full color for my Best of Page. Look for it on page four of Sunday's Viewpoints section, or click on the image below for a high res version. Five of these cartoons earned me the 2013 Clifford K. and James T. Berryman Award that was announced last week by the National Press Foundation. For a full gallery of my top 35 cartoons of 2013, click here.

Highly combustible


Bills Manuel




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