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Hyatt talk dominating race for Amherst supervisor

A rendering of the proposed Hyatt Place hotel to be located behind the Lord Amherst near I-290.

Last night's Amherst Town Board meeting put to rest any doubts about whether the controversial Hyatt Place hotel would remain a central part of the race for Amherst supervisor.

As today's story notes, both candidates sparred about their roles in the project, each accusing the other of flip-flopping or being on the wrong side of the debate.

Council Member Mark A. Manna also this morning wrote a letter to the editor challenging a previous letter written by Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein.

Anyone who thinks this issue is somehow being overblown clearly isn't talking to people out on the streets of Amherst.

I got a call from a resident this morning who said she has been captivated by the debate over the two hotel projects even though she has no direct stake in either of them.

The reader said this issue is putting both candidates on the hot seat -- and perhaps revealing more about them -- in a way that past Amherst races did not.

"In the past, we would just hear a nice speech and decide to vote for somebody," the resident said. "But now, there are real issues here."

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