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Crazy scenarios in Amherst elections

As today's story about suburban elections notes, there's a lot that could happen in Amherst in November. 

Here are some possible -- if unlikely -- scenarios:

-- A 4-1 Republican majority with a Republican supervisor

-- A 4-1 Republican majority with a Democratic supervisor

-- A 4-1 Democratic majority

-- A 3-2 Democratic majority on a board with a Republican supervisor

-- A board of two Democrats and two Republicans split over the appointment of a fifth member

Let us explain: The board would consist of a 4-1 majority if incumbent Republican Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein and incumbent GOP Council Member Steven D. Sanders and GOP challenger Howard D. Cadmus are victorious.

But if Democratic Council Member and supervisor challenger Mark A. Manna and Democratic Town Board challengers Ramona D. Popowich and Patricia S. Dunne all claim victories, a Democratic board majority could vote to appoint another Democrat to the Town Board seat vacated by Manna – creating a 4-1 Democratic majority.

Meanwhile, if Manna loses the supervisor’s race, he would still retain his Town Board seat. So if Manna loses and Weinstein and the two Democratic board challengers win – an unlikely scenario – Weinstein would retain the supervisor’s post but face a 3-2 Democratic majority.

Another puzzling scenario would arise if Manna and one other Democratic Town Board member were victorious. That would leave two Democrats – as well as Republican Deputy Supervisor Guy R. Marlette and the victorious Republican board member – to fight over who would fill Manna’s vacated Town Board seat.

Manna, meanwhile, could win the supervisor’s race and be left to deal with a 4-1 Republican majority if the GOP picks up both Town Board seats and appoints a Republican to Manna’s vacated seat.

We'll wait to see what really happens -- but it's fun to consider on a Sunday morning in September. 

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