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One more look at suburban farmland

Efforts to save farmland and open space across Erie County were detailed in a story that ran Tuesday in The Buffalo News.

But for a better picture of the development pressure facing some of these suburban towns here is a map showing protected farmland and open space, in green, against the backdrop of single-family parcels, in tan.

The map was created by Enterprise Editor Patrick Lakamp.

Farmland and single-family homes in Amherst and Clarence

Smart Growth forum set for tonight in Williamsville

The formula for building better suburbs isn’t a mystery.

Just look at East Aurora or the Village of Hamburg or the Village of Williamsville – concentrated suburban pockets offering stores, shops and restaurants within walking distance from the surrounding neighborhoods.

The question is, how can the suburbs do more of this?

That’s the focus of tonight’s forum in Williamsville on using villages as a model for growing suburbs the smart way.

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