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Spend Saturday night in an Amherst police car (sort of)

Ever wonder what police officers in the "safest town in America" do on a Saturday night?

Now you can see for yourself.

The Amherst police are offering Twitter users a virtual ride "on the beat" on Saturday. Details below, per Officer Craig Johnson of the department's Standards and Compliance division.

For other Amherst police news on the web, follow the department on Twitter at @amherstpoliceny.

Tweet the Beat 2013

What is Amherst really known for?

This blog hasn't even been active for 24 hours and we're already getting criticism, err, feedback. 

Council Member Guy Marlette takes issue with our suggestion that Amherst is "perhaps best known for all the development that has sprung up in the past few decades."

Marlette contends the town is known to most Western New Yorkers for "three amazing school districts, an amazing housing stock that has not suffered wild swings in value, a variety in the housing stock from old to new, small to large," as well as the Northtown Center ice rink, its rankings as a "safest town", and the University at Buffalo's North Campus.

All that got us thinking that Amherst means different things to different people -- both residents and others.

What do you think the true identity of Amherst is?

Today's headlines in Amherst

Headlines from a busy news day in Amherst:

Supervisor's race heating up with development likely to be a key issue.

Ingram Micro looks to add about 250 jobs -- if it can get more parking on Wehrle Drive.

In light of new building on Amherst campus, ECC reaffirms commitment to downtown Buffalo. 

And let's not forget about this gem from the Buzz blog.

Welcome to Amherst First

Amherst houses
Amherst is perhaps best known for all the development that has sprung up in the past few decades, like these homes off Campbell Boulevard. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)

Welcome to Amherst First, your one-stop-shop for all the latest news in Amherst, N.Y.

Here you'll find out what's going on in Erie County's largest town -- where suburban trends often start and where there's always an issue to debate.

You can find all the news on this blog and on my Twitter feed at @CharlieBuffNews. You'll get the breaking news but also an explanation of how the bigger issues impact you.

Welcome -- and feel free to send along your thoughts, comments and tips.

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