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Denman on Broadway

That wacky Jeffry Denman, a University at Buffalo grad and song-and-dance man who's currently starring in a sparkly production of "Irving Berlin's White Christmas," is back with his annual low-budg rap video. This year, it's a sprawling affair that begins with an elaborate riff on "The Dark Knight" and quickly morphs into Denman's alter-ego and original "White Christmas" actor Phil Davis rapping his brains out about the supremacy of the musical compared to other Broadway offerings. To wit:

"They try to fill the gap with MTV," he says, while a scene of a girl holding a bag from "Legally Blondie: The Musical" flashes on-screen, "but it feels so empty without me."

How true it is. Denman has been getting some swimming reviews for his performance in the show, which runs on Broadway through Jan. 4. A cadre of 130 UB students, along with the university's president John B. Simpson, attended a performance of the show on Dec. 12. Enjoy:

--Colin Dabkowski



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