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Alleyway's curious home page

Here's a weird one. A visit to the Alleyway Theatre's Web site today, an editor pointed out, features a prominent if cryptic perplexing warning against the use of the phone company Vonage:


It's always interesting to see theater companies using their resources to proselytize against communication companies, but this particular move strikes me as kind of bizarre, especially given that there's no further explanation.

An e-mail to Alleyway's Joyce Stilson cleared things up, to an extent. The phone company, she wrote, "put the theater through hell."

"The long and short of it was we were without service for almost 10 days and unable to do our box office stuff," Stilson wrote. "I was at first hesitant to have it on the webpage... Was afraid we might look like a crazy fanatic with an axe to grind. But then I thought about how we (also read as the little guy) got totally raked over the coals by one of the “big boys” and figured hey if we can make someone ask more questions before they sign up we would be doing them a huge favor."

You can certainly see where Stilson and Alleyway are coming from, but something makes me think that Vonage, thus spurned, isn't exactly quaking in its boots.

--Colin Dabkowski



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