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Beyond/In 2010 wants you

OK, les artistes, it's time to kick it into gear. Beyond/In 2010, the ascendant biennial (which is brazenly skipping its regularly scheduled 2009 deployment in order to make a bigger splash next year) is officially seeking submissions. The mammoth affair, which in 2007 featured some serious quality work form more than 50 artists from Toronto to Syracuse, will take on a new life under the guidance of Bruce W. Ferguson, an adviser recruited by Albright-Knox Art GalleryDirector Louis Grachos to infuse the event with a certain international flavor and cachet. What exact form that will take is yet to be seen.

All aspiring biennial participants are instructed to visit for instructions on how to apply.

And for everyone else out there who is still trying to pronounce "biennial," the Albright-Knox is planning a serious panel discussion on the rising importance of biennials in general on Friday, Jan. 30. It will feature art world luminaries Francesco Bonami, director of the famed Whitney Biennial and with a resume that might not even fit on the Internet, as well as hyper-credentialed curators Anthony Bond, Charlotte Bagger Brandt and Gabriel PĂ©rez-Barreiro, all of whose various associations and directorships are as impressive as they are legion.

In her recent review of the first New Orleans Biennial, Prospect.1 (which I saw, and which largely rocked), the New York Times' Roberta Smith maligned biennials as a "virus." Other people think they're just spiffy. This panel discussion is sure to explore both sides of the issue. I'd put it down on my calendar if I were you.

--Colin Dabkowski



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