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'Theater of War' at the Hamburg Palace


Attention all Bertolt Brecht fanatics (you're out there, right?): Hamburg's Palace Theater is planning to screen the critically hailed 2008 documentary "Theater of War," which looks at recent Public Theatre production of Brecht's "Mother Courage," starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline, through the lens of Brecht experts like Tony Kushner, Eric Bentley and others.

Filmmaker John Walter has trained his lens on a wide swath of history, from Brecht's time in Germany to the war in Iraq. The film, though not widely released, has received swimming reviews from The New York Times and elsewhere.

"There is much to admire in a movie in which intelligent adults... discuss art as if it matters (because it does) and without the self-flattering grandiosity that sometimes emerges when the subject turns to actors," wrote the Times' Manhola Dargis.

The Palace will screen the film for three days only, from Feb. 24-26. See their Web site for more information.

--Colin Dabkowski



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