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Artvoice apologizes for copyright infringement

In today's edition of Artvoice, publisher Jamie Moses issued an apology to Hero Design Studio and local designer Julian Montague for an employee's misappropriation of work that did not belong to Artvoice. Moses' statement subtly cast aspersions on Hero Design for refusing to be satisfied with an apology from the newspaper.

An excerpt follows:

Apologies to Hero Design and to Julian Montague. Last week, when we found ourselves unexpectedly needing to fill the back page, an employee in the design department was asked to make a filler ad to promote our coming fall issue. The employee did a Google search for an “autumn” image and used some lovely artwork created by Hero Design. The employee also added a skyline silhouette from the cover for Mark Goldman’s book City on the Edge, designed by Julian Montague. Julian was satisfied with an apology, but Hero Design was not pleased at all with the unauthorized use of their art. We completely understand, and again, we’re sorry this happened.

Moses also wrote, reassuringly enough, that Artvoice has "no need to steal artwork from anyone and it is not our policy to do so."

Hero's owners had not yet read the apology and would not comment on the situation, citing ongoing communication with Artvoice in an effort to resolve the dispute.

--Colin Dabkowski




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