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Aspiring board members: the Arts Council wants you

The beleaguered Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County, which was thrown into a period of uncertainty after the departure of Executive Director Celeste Lawson earlier this month, is intent on getting back in the game immediately.

Board member Daryl Rasuli, who has effectively become the organization's spokesman in the wake of Lawson's firing, e-mailed today an infomercial-esque recruitment pitch for future Arts Council board members, which follows below:

Have you been just sitting around watching the TV and really wanting to do something meaningful in your life?
Now is your chance. The Arts Council of Buffalo and Erie County is embarking on its vision to regain its position as a protector and provider for the cultural arts community. It’s expanding its board. If you have a passion for protecting and developing the cultural fabric of the community and can commit some time and expertise to re- building this important art institution please call 856-7520 or email a brief bio/vita/resume to  

There you have it. Proof positive that the Arts Council is not yet quite beyond saving. The powers that be at the AC, such as they are, at least recognize that a wholesale reorganization of its long-weakened board is necessary before any private or public source will even entertain the idea of tossing money the Arts Council's way. Even with that realization, it's going to be a steep climb for the organization to return to relevancy and, one hopes, genuine effectiveness as an multi-functional advocacy group. 

But it's a good first step.

--Colin Dabkowski



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