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The Jump Rhythm Jazz Project comes to town


This Friday, we'll run an interview with Amanda Benzin, an Orchard Park native and member of the prestigious Chicago company Jump Rhythm Jazz Project, which performs Friday night in the University at Buffalo's Center for the Arts. The company, whose approach is based primarily in rhythm and the emotions that drive it rather than classical technique, has a very cool series of webisodes it produced to mark its 20th anniversary.

Here's a quote from JRJP Artistic Director Billy Siegenfeld to give you an idea of the company's philosophy:

I feel good about this idea that there was a universal language that we could speak and it was built around rhythm, and that that universal language was something that could appeal to not just one kind of dancer, but all kinds of dancers and not just one kind of audience, but all kinds of audiences. Because rhythm is so much at the core of our biology. It's at the core of the way we speak. It's at the core of the way we walk. I was very passionate about finding a system that could both teach that an also use choreographically.

Check out the first one here, or visit the JRJP's library for more.

--Colin Dabkowski


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