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Thursday Theater Roundup

It's time for the Thursday Theater Roundup:

"Jake's Women" through June 26 at Medialle College in a production by Kaliedoscope Theatre Productions. From the review: "Kaleidoscope Theatre Productions and director Thomas LaChiusa saw much that they liked about 'Jake’s Women,' and a lively, acidly funny play has emerged, superbly acted by veteran troubadour and comedy club regular Robert “Ernie” Insana, as Jake, and a stellar harem of seven actresses: Kaleidoscope diva Beth Gerardi-Wharton, award-winning Lona Geiser, Sarah Blewett, Maura Nolan, Jennifer Fitzery, Shaina Greser and Elizabeth Oddy, as a wannabe Jake date. Forgettable? Not anymore." --Ted Hadley

Lovers, patrick & cassie 1
Patrick Cameron and Cassie Gorniewicz in the Irish Classical Theatre Company's production of "Lovers."

"Lovers" through June 27 in the Andrews Theatre in a production by the Irish Classical Theatre Company. From the review: "[Brian] Friel’s writing, O’Neill’s caring interpretation, and the cast’s relish and skill all combine to create an affecting experience. This is not the romantic evening implied by the play’s single-word title. It is, however, another excellent opportunity to join the Irish Classical on its journey, exploring the breadth of human emotion with creativity and heart." --Ted Hadley

"An Ideal Husband" through Oct. 31 at the Festival Theatre, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., in a production of the Shaw Festival. From the review: "The intricacies of the plot — which, truth be told, is a little tiredly conceived and tends in spots toward the maudlin — all serve one over-arching and worthy point: We are all hopelessly imperfect creatures whose only hope for forgiveness comes through the redemptive power of love. It’s a beautifully simple, almost naive idea, and it’s what elevates the play beyond a chuckle-worthy society comedy. That it was written while Wilde was embroiled in a public scandal over his forbidden homosexuality, and from which he would never recover, lends the play’s storybook conclusion a gloss of wistful fantasy that makes it all the more compelling." --Colin Dabkowski

"Harvey" through Oct. 31 at the Royal George Theatre, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., in a production of the Shaw Festival. From the review: "'Harvey' should be completely exempt from deep analysis. It is about happiness. Its simplicity and gimmicky humor are its chief strengths, a fact exploited by director Joseph Ziegler and carried on ably by his cast. This is the antidote to Chekhov, the perfect cure for world-weariness and a great affirmation of eccentricity that strives to bring out the dreamer in us all." --Colin Dabkowski

GUSTO The Cherry Orchard 

Severn Thompson as Varya and Laurie Paton as Lyubov Andreyevna Ranyevskaya in "The Cherry Orchard" at the Shaw Festival.

"The Cherry Orchard" through Oct. 2 in the Court House Theatre, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., in a production of the Shaw Festival. From the review: "This production, featuring Shaw veterans Benedict Campbell as Lopakhin and Laurie Paton as Lyubov among a great many other gifted actors, employs an excellent Irish-tinged adaptation by Tom Murphy. This imbues the script with subtle sense of modern urgency (“How’s tricks?” instead of “How are you?”) and expands it ever-so-slightly beyond the insularity of its rural Russian milieu."



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Thursday Theater Roundup