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An artwork takes shape on Tumblr

Artist Josh Turner hangs upside down from scaffolding in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery while executing a Sol LeWitt scribble drawing. Photos by Tom Loonan of the Albright-Knox.

The ongoing installation of Sol LeWitt's final commissioned wall drawing in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery ranks as one of the most technically intriguing and painstaking art-making processes we've witnessed in quite a while. The 2,200 square-foot scribble drawing, which will resemble a series of interconnected tubes by the time it is complete in October, is being meticulously executed by 16 artists (some local and some from the Connecticut studio where LeWitt worked until his death in 2007).

Thankfully for those interested in a day-by-day account of the drawing's progress, the Albright-Knox has launched a Tumblr blog that gives some juicy insights into the process and the people executing it. From personal reflections on the physically and mentally exhausting scribbling process from individual artists, to a fascinating account from Albright-Knox Curatorial Assistant Ilana Chlebowski on the mental process of scribbling under LeWitt's instructions, the Tumblr template provides a great way for a museum to interact with the public without resorting to high-faulutin curatorial wall text. It's kind of a low-effort blog -- a step up from the Facebook status update, but with pictures. I highly recommend following the process here.


A detail of the LeWitt drawing being executed in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

--Colin Dabkowski



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