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The Thursday Theater Roundup: Curtain Up! edition

Curtain Up!, the mega-celebration of Buffalo theater that takes over downtown Buffalo each September, has come and gone. But the shows are still very much up. To get a sense of what our reviewers liked, check out the first "Thursday Theater Roundup of the 2010-11 season. Reviews of four more Curtain Up! shows will run in tomorrow's edition of Gusto.

Irish Classical

Brian Mysliwy and Patrick Moltane in the Irish Classical Theatre Company's production of "The Cant." Photo by Bill Wippert / Buffalo News.

"The Cant," through Oct. 3 in the Andrews Theatre in an Irish Classical Theatre Company production. From the review: "...a well-plotted thriller that gets to the heart of the Irish Traveller’s intrinsic sorrow, their abuse at the hands of the powerful and the survivalistic instincts that keep them forever on the run." --Colin Dabkowski

Road less traveled play 01

Natalie Mack, Matt Witten, Kelly Meg Brennan and Luke Wager in Road Less Traveled Productions' "The Couple Next Door." Photo by Robert Kirkham / Buffalo News.

"The Couple Next Door," through Oct. 3 in the Road Less Traveled Theater. From the review: "'The Couple Next Door' is the winner of the Emanuel Fried New Play Workshop. Playwright Hoke can write: dialogue flows naturally, real people saying real things, albeit sex-crazed f-bombs. Abrupt ending aside, the story has verve, it lives and breathes. Stellar ensemble work by actors Brennan, Wager, Witten and Mack, each having their say, difficult roles all, cast chemistry very evident." --Ted Hadley

"Mookie Cranks a Tater," through Oct. 2 in the Alleyway Theatre. From the review: Palka has written a very funny play, situationally and every other way. Stay alert for wry and wacky comments on a variety of subjects, sex and sexuality, of course, but also politics, pretense, our weaknesses and fears and what Palka calls the 'discoveries of the human condition.' Be prepared to laugh it up." --Ted Hadley

And, of course, the Shaw Festival goes on, through the beginning of November, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. Check out our listing of recommended Shaw Fest shows here.

--Colin Dabkowski



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