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No love for Langston

At the NFL annual spring meetings

PHOENIX - Ran into a couple of Bay-area writers who were amazed and amused by the Bills’ decision to sign former Oakland Raiders right tackle Langston Walker to a five-year, $25 million contract. One writer said Walker should be arrested for robbing the Bills.

“I thought the contract was $2.5 million,’’ the writer said. “But $25 million? You can’t be serious."

Seriously, Walker does not have a big fan club out here. Maybe it’s because he was part of an Oakland offensive line that allowed an NFL-high 72 sacks last season. Walker struggled so much in pass protection that one Raiders beat writer referred to him as The Human Turnstile.

“It’s a good thing [quarterback] J.P. Losman is mobile," another West Coast writer cracked.

Obviously, the Bills think Walker was a victim of playing on the worst team in the NFL last season. Their belief is he’s a young player with plenty of untapped potential. We’ll see about that.

---Allen Wilson

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