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An act of desperation

Why would the Bills sign wide receiving diva Terrell Owens? It's simple. They are desperate. When you have missed the playoffs nine consecutive years, the Bills are in a must-win mode. That means win at all cost. Head coach Dick Jauron can't afford another 7-9 season, which might explain why some reports said he made a big push to sign Owens.

In a way, this is a good move for the Bills. They are only on the hook for one year, so if he becomes locker room cancer they will be rid of him after the season. If he helps the Bills get to the playoffs, then the $6.5 million will be money well spent. However, if they have another losing season the signing will be looked upon as a collossal mistake.

The big winner in this is Owens. He is guaranteed to make $6.5 million regardless of how he plays. He actually improved his financial standing because he was due to make $5.7 million with the Cowboys this season.

This is a high-risk, high-reward signing because of Owens' reputation as a problem child and his potential impact on a lifeless Bills offense. The Bills hope he is the latter and not the former. We shall see.

---Allen Wilson

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