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Moulds and Reed offer opinions on T.O.

Since the Bills signed Terrell Owens, I've been wondering what the team's two greatest wide receivers (in my opinion), Eric Moulds and Andre Reed, thought of the acquisition. Thanks to this week's edition of Sporting News magazine, I got my answer.

Moulds and Reed were among 23 former NFL wide receivers surveyed by the mag on topics dealing with today's wideouts. One interesting question was this: Do you think Terrell Owens' move to Buffalo will end well?

Moulds didn't pull any punches with his response, saying "I think with the right coaching, it will be great. But unfortunately, Bill Belichick's staff is in New England.''


Reed was far more diplomatic with his comments: "As a former Bill, the city is small and will embrace him as long as his attitude is strictly about winning games and not himself.''

What do you think of their take on T.O.?

---Allen Wilson


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