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Signing status

As of this afternoon there were four of 32 first-round picks signed and 14 of 32 second-rounders done. It's going to take awhile for first-rounder Aaron Maybin to get in, which is no surprise. This is the way business is done between agents and teams. Maybin was the 11th overall pick. Once about four of the six picks directly behind him are done, then his deal will get done. It probably won't be before this weekend. Second-rounder Jairus Byrd probably still needs a couple more picks signed around him to get done. The two picks in front of him are done. But both of those deals were signed with option bonuses, not signing bonuses (which are paid immediately). So they don't help much in moving the talks along. The player directly after Byrd, No. 43, is signed. But the four after that aren't. So I'm figuring another day or a few more days for that deal to get done. Many camps around the league will start to open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That will help the Bills' talks.

---Mark Gaughan



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