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Perry Fewell speaks

Interim head coach Perry Fewell said his philosophy he wants to bring to the Buffalo Bills the final seven games of the season is simple:

"Play like hell and win," Fewell said this evening in addressing the media.

Fewell said he intends to call the defensive signals and remain in charge of the defense for this week's game at Jacksonville.

How does he think the team will respond?

“I think we’ll be focused. I think we’ll go out and practice with a purpose. Well all get on the same page, and our focus is Jacksonville. We’re professionals. That’s what we do."

Fewell would not say who would start at quarterback Sunday. He said he would reveal that on Wednesday.

Fewell said he does not plan to impose major strategic changes on the offensive side of the ball, where the Bills have struggled most this season.

"No. we are who we are," Fewell said. "We have that identity. We’re going to try to get a little spark, but we are who we are."

Fewell said the coaching change did not hinder game planning for the Jaguars.

"It hasn’t affected our preparation at all," he said. "We received the news later in the day. A lot of the stages of preparation were Monday as well as today. So we’ve just moved forward as a staff in preparing for the ballgame."

Fewell said his emotions have been "up and down." But he acknowledged becoming a head coach for the first time in his career is "an opportunity of a lifetime."

Asked about the chances of turning around the season, Fewell said: "We just need to go out and be successful. We need to have some success, get excited about what we’re doing and just win a football game, win one football game. Then I think that will take careof itself. That’s the best cure, win one football game, Jacksonville on Sunday."

---Mark Gaughan


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