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Porter & Fish LBs

This will sound odd, but even though Miami linebacker Joey Porter had 2.5 sacks in Sunday's game against the Bills, he did not play a great game. From this perspective it appeared that BIlls backup tackle Jonathan Scott did an OK job against him for long stretches of the game. Porter, no doubt, made an impact. But he ran himself out of the play on Ryan Fitzpatrick's 31-yard TD run by pulling a spin move to the inside and then looking slow to react and chase after Fitzpatrick. He wasn't real tough in forcing the run. The prediction here is Miami is going to part ways with him after this season. He will be 33 next year. Overall, Miami looked slow in the linebacker department. Linebacker Reggie Torbor looked like he was running in sand while chasing Fitzpatrick down the sideline on the TD run. Miami is a physical team. The Bills still need to get more physical to match up with them better next year. But the Dolphins could use a little more impact at linebacker, somebody in the mold of New England's Jerod Mayo.

---Mark Gaughan


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