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Bills in No. 8 spot

With one week to go in the NFL regular season, the Bills are in the No. 8 draft position.

Chicago's win over Minnesota Monday night helped the Bills' bid for a higher draft pick. It improved the Bears to 6-9. The Bills now are one of three teams at 5-10, along with Seattle and Oakland. The tie-breaker for the draft is strength of schedule, with the team playing the weaker schedule picking sooner in the draft.

The strength of schedule of the 5-10 teams: Seattle .476, Buffalo .517, Oakland .520. Those percentages include next week's opponents. It's so close between the Bills and Raiders that the draft spot will depend on the results of many of the games on the final weekend. That's presuming the Bills and Raiders both lose. Buffalo plays Indianapolis. Oakland plays host to Baltimore. Seattle plays host to Tennessee. Buffalo, Oakland and Seattle all will be underdogs.

The good news for the Bills is Chicago is the only team with six wins. So the Bills can pick no worse than 10th, even if they upset the Colts.

Could the Bills move up higher? Possible. Washington and Cleveland both have four wins. Washington plays at San Diego in a game the Chargers don't need. Cleveland plays host to Jacksonville. Both Washington (.500) and Cleveland (.504) currently have easier strenth-of-schedule ratings than the Bills.

---Mark Gaughan


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