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Barkley weighs in on Gailey over Frazier

2258 Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was his usual unrestrained self on the nationally syndicated "Dan Patrick Show" this morning. Among a series of fantastic takes also including his thoughts on starring in a spin-off of "The White Shadow" and Lane Kiffin, the TNT analyst also weighed in on the Bills hiring Chan Gailey.

Remember, Barkley was outspoken last year when his alma mater, Auburn, hired the white Gene Chizik as its football coach over then UB coach Turner Gill.

Here is what Barkley said about the Bills turning to Gailey:

"I call it the Mickey Rooney rule instead of the Dan Rooney rule. Because they interview these black coaches after white guys have already got the job -- that's a travesty. That is a flat-out travesty.

"But ['Inside the NBA' host Ernie Johnson] corrected me. I said, 'You know, I'm not happy with the Mickey Rooney rule.' He says, 'Dan Rooney.' I said, 'Well, you interview black coaches after white guys have already got the job, that's the Mickey Rooney rule.'

"And let me tell you something, I don't mean no disrespect to Chan Gailey, but listen, Leslie Frazier has done a fantastic job. And when you start getting guys off the street, giving them the chances before guys that have been doing a great job, that really pisses me off.

"I like Roger Goodell -- and the way he hammers these players, he's got to start hammering these teams, man. They just can't go get guys off the steets instead of hiring young black assistants."

---Geoff Nason


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