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Gailey's beliefs

Chan Gailey on his core coaching beliefs:

I believe you have to be fundamentally sound. I think you have to teach fundamentals. I worked for a guy way back when I first started coaching, he had a great saying. The saying was plays are more fun than fundamentals. Fundamentals are more important than plays.

Everybody’s got the double reverse pass and the fumble-rooskie and all those kind of things, and they’re great and there’s a place for them. But what wins the majority of the time is blocking and tackling and throwing and catching and kicking. That’s what wins games. I believe in teaching fundamentals and being fundamentally sound.

I believe in toughness and discipline. It’s a tough game for tough people. This is a disciplined game as well. You can’t just go out and be a tough guy and run around wildly. You’ve got to be disciplined. But you can’t be so disciplined that you play under (too much) control. You gotta have some toughness to you. That’s a fine line. You have to talk about those two terms in the same breath.

I believe in organization, removing the gray area, as much as you possibly can. When you do that, then comes accountability. Once everybody has their role defined, once everybody has exactly what they’re trying to get done explained to them perfectly, then there’s accountability for everybody, from the top to the bottom.

Last but not least I beleive in character. I believe we’re going to try to get our guys to understand how important it is to do things the right way both on and off the field. It’s for the good of the team and it’s for the longevity of their career. Those are the things I believe that it takes to be very, very successful. I look forward to being a part of this for many years to come.

---Mark Gaughan

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