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Grimm & Mularkey

It will be interesting to see if Russ Grimm, Arizona's assistant head coach and offensive line coach, eventually sits for an interview with the Buffalo Bills. Grimm is represented by the same agent, Eric Metz, who represents former Bills head coach Mike Mularkey. Metz is a veteran agent with a strong reputation. He would not let past dealings with client restrict job opportunities for a different client. However, Grimm has a relationship with Mularkey. The two worked together for three years on the Steelers' staff. So between Mularkey and Metz, Grimm surely is well-versed in Mularkey's version of his resignation from the Bills after the 2005 season. Just to review, the Bills had fired Tom Donahoe, who had hired Mularkey. Marv Levy was hired and intended to retain Mularkey. Mularkey no doubt felt that with his benefactor, Donahoe, gone, his security was much more tenuous. And he was correct in this assumption. Mularkey wanted control over hiring and firing of certain members of the football operation that the Bills were not prepared to give him. He felt he probably would have had that control if Donahoe still were above him. (As an aside, Mularkey greased the skids for Rusty Jones' departure from the Bills' organization, something many still lament.) So Mularkey resigned. One thing you have to say for Mularkey, he walked away from his contract and forefeitted guaranteed money the Bills would have had to pay him rather than work in a situation he deemed untenable. Not a lot of coaches would have done that.

---Mark Gaughan


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