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Vick to Bills?

Bills fans are dreaming of a possible scenario that would bring Michael Vick to Buffalo next season. Will those dreams be fulfilled? Stay tuned.

Numerous national media outlets are speculating that the Bills might make a run at Vick. Head coach Chan Gailey hasn't made his mind up yet on what he'll do with Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm. But Vick would be an upgrade.

Vick is still under contract with Philadelphia, but the Eagles may be willing to trade him. If that doesn't work, they could release Vick, who is due to make more than $5 million in 2010. 

In a way, the move makes sense for the Bills. When Gailey was offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh, he maximized the passing and running skills of quarterback Kordell Stewart. In Kansas City, Gailey went to a spread formation to take advantage of rookie quarterback Tyler Thigpen's mobility. Vick is better than either player, so it would be interesting to see what creative ways Gailey would come up with to feature Vick.

Of course, the Bills will have competition for Vick's services. The market for free agent quarterbacks is very weak, which makes him an appealing option to QB-needy teams like Buffalo, Carolina, St. Louis, Oakland and Minnesota (if Brett Favre retires).

It's doubtful the Bills would get into a bidding war, especially when a season without a salary cap is looming. The smart thing would be to call the Eagles to see what they want in a trade. If the demands aren't too outrageous, the Bills might pull the trigger.

Despite a decade of losing, the Bills have been remarkable in their ability to make a big splash in free agency to excite fans into selling out Ralph Wilson Stadium. It worked with Terrell Owens last season. It might work with Vick as well in 2010.

 ---Allen Wilson 


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