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Gailey on the 3-4

Chan Gailey introduced his coordinators to the media today and reiterated his rationale for playing the 3-4 defense. He did not try to minimize the significance of the change, given the fact the Bills have played the 4-3 for the past nine years.

"Any time you change something like this you’re making a significant move," Gailey said.

“There’s two things involved here. One, 3-4 personnel allows you when you start there to create more problems for the offense," Gailey said. "That’s the No. 1 thing. You are creating more problems. I know the problems it gives us offensively to have to prepare for that. You get to some nickel situations and now it’s back to 4-2 with the nickel guy in there. Now you’ve got to prepare for that.”

Gailey said he's confident new defensive chief George Edwards will play to the strengths of the Bills' personnel.

“The one great thing and the one thing knowing George, is he says the same thing I say on the offensive side – he’s going to put guys in position to do what they do well and to create situations for them to be successful," Gailey said. "So we say we’re starting in the 3-4 but what we may end up in by the time we get to second and long second and medium third down, it might be a lot of different looks.”

Both Gailey and Edwards said it was too early to say just how the current Bills defenders might fit or not fit in a 3-4 scheme.

"We’re going to start from the 3-4 from a schematic standpoint because we think it will be the most advantageous thing to start out with," Edwards said. "We think it will give us the flexibility to adjust to a lot of things. Offenses will have to guess who’s rushing, who’s dropping. What we’re doing coverage wise, it should help with the disguise aspect of that."

Gailey said he has talked to Bills veteran defensive end Aaron Schobel, who is contemplating retirement. Gailey said, essentially, Schobel still is thinking over his career plans.

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---Mark Gaughan

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