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Gailey on Tebow

Bills coach Chan Gailey on his meeting with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow on Monday at One Bills Drive: "I think it’s obvious to everybody he’s a very engaging young man. He’s very intelligent football player. I really enjoyed the short time I had with him talking football, talking life, just what he’s all about. You can see why he was an excellent leader at the University of Florida. I think he’s well ahead of a lot of people, headed toward a good career in the NFL."

Gailey on Tebow's new throwing motion: "He made drastic improvement from where he was during his college career to where he threw in his individual pro day. He made good progress. Whether that sticks when there’s bodies flying around you in the heat of the battle, there’s a lot of reps between those two times, from doing it on the pro day with nobody running around trying to hit you and when the bullets are starting to fly."

---Mark Gaughan


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