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Trent on 2010

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards spoke to reporters today and talked a bit about his disappointing 2009 season. Edwards had not talked to media since Nov. 15.

Said Edwards: "I think first and foremost I needed to stay healthy. I think I took some hits I probably should have tried to avoid. There were some games that didn’t go the way we needed to. The ball didn’t bounce our way. There were plays left out on the field. It’s tough. Football’s a team sport. Obviously, the quarterback’s the one they’re going to look at to put the blame on. Obviously I was that person that took a lot of the blame last year and rightfully so. I can definitely take that. Looking back on it injuries were something I needed to change and hopefully I can physically maintain myself next year."

Asked about having a head coach in Chan Gailey who also is the play-caller, Edwards said: “I don’t want to talk negatively about last year’s staff, but the hard part for me as a quarterback, you want to have one person to listen to and one voice, and I feel like the last couple years you would say one thing to one guy and he would say it to another guy and what you’re looking for would kind of get lost in the process. I feel like here with the situation we’re in if you like something offensively you’re telling it to the head coach. You’re telling it to the offensive coordinator. They’re the same person and he’s probably going to get that done for you.”

---Mark Gaughan


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