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Weight room overhaul

The Bills have two new strength and conditioning coaches, and players noticed a difference right away in the team's large weight room.

Said guard Eric Wood: "It’s completely different. We went from 12 TVs to zero. We updated all the weight room. We have a pretty advanced weight room in there, a lot more free weights. There’s different stuff that works and this is the approach they’re taking. Hopefully we’ll run into a string of better luck as far as injuries go, and I don’t see how we can’t."

Said running back Fred Jackson: "It’s a completely different place in there. They got all new equipment. Some of the equipment we had last year they just got rid of. It’s a different place in there. ... One of the things (Chan Gailey) said to us yesterday in meetings. He kind of felt like it was a spa in there. He wants us to go in there and work out. That’s what they’re trying to nail home and I think a lot of guys are buying into that."

Said Gailey: "I think that what we’ve tried to do is create a work atmosphere. We want to make sure that we understand that when we walk into this facility it’s all work. We’ve got something to accomplish. We have not been where we’ve needed to be in the last few years and we’ve got to get back there, and I only know one way to accomplish that, and that’s through hard work."

---Mark Gaughan


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