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Day Three at One Bills Drive

ORCHARD PARK -- It's the third and final day of this year's NFL draft and Buffalo News Buffalo Bills beat writers are at One Bills Drive bringing you updates from the Bills' front office throughout the day. 

6:11 p.m.: Here's Sully and Allen's take on the draft:

Buffalo Bills General Manager Buddy Nix and Head Coach Chan Gailey discuss their reasons for selecting Troy quarterback Levi Brown:

Nix's response when asked how much consideration was given to bigger name quarterbacks in the draft:

Nix's overall feelings on this year's draft:


5:16 p.m.: And that's it for this year's NFL Draft. 255 selections were made. We'll still be busy here at One Bills Drive tonight, bringing you updates from Bills General Manager Buddy Nix and an audio wrap-up from Sully and Allen. --LNM

5:12 p.m.: So it's looking as if Trent Edwards might be the starting quarterback next season, after all. Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey said they were inclined to give their three incumbent QBs a shot in training camp. Evidently, the only competition they'll have for the job is Levi Brown of Troy University, the first of the Bills' two seventh-round picks.

The Bills said they expected to bring a fourth quarterback to training camp, and Brown looks like the guy. There's almost no chance they'll sign a free agent and put a fifth QB into the mix. Brown has size -- he's 6-3, 219 pounds. He's the most prolific passer in Sun Belt Conference history. He threw for 477 yards in one game and 469 yards in another.

Of course, those big performances came against Florida Atlantic and North Texas, which isn't quite like lighting up Florida and Texas. Brown is a project. Maybe he's the second coming of Tom Brady, but I tend to doubt it. He poses virtually no threat to Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Brian Brohm for the starting job. That means Bills fans can get ready for another season of Edwards at the helm. Evidently, Gailey believes he can bring out the best in Edwards, who looked like a franchise quarterback when he led the Bills to a 4-0 start in 2008.

No doubt, we can also prepare for a steady diet of Edwards checking down to rookie C.J. Spiller, who is expected to be a major weapon in the passing game. It should be a spirited competition in the summer. It's not as if Edwards has any major edge over Fitzpatrick -- who did beat him out late last year. The Bills will also want to find out once and for all what they have in Brohm, who got a two-year deal with Buffalo signed him during last season.

Buddy Nix clearly didn't think there were any franchise quarterbacks in the draft after Sam Bradford. He's supposed to know football players. We'll see. He might have his eye on next year's draft class, which is expected to be very deep at quarterback. In that case, it would not be in the team's best interest to muddle through another 6-10 or 7-9 season.

Nix would never admit it, but bottoming out might be the best thing for the Bills this coming season. These three incumbent quarterbacks could be just the guys for the job.


4:45 p.m.: DE Doug Worthington of Ohio State, who attended Saint Francis High School, was selected by the Steelers in the final round.

4:31 p.m.: Buffalo Bills seventh-round draft pick OT Kyle Calloway from Iowa explains the different roles he played throughout his career as a Hawkeye:


4:24 p.m.: Brown describes his college career at two different schools:


4:23 p.m.: Brown answers questions about his ability to play in the NFL:


4:22 p.m.: In a conference call, Buffalo Bills seventh-round draft pick QB Levi Brown discusses what it was like waiting for his name to be called:


4:16 p.m.:

2010 Bills draft
19C.J. SpillerRBClemson
241Torell TroupNTCentral Florida
372Alex CarringtonDEArkansas St.
4107Marcus EasleyWRConnecticut
5140Ed WangOTVirginia Tech
6178Arthur MoatsOLBJames Madison
6192 *Danny BattenDES. Dakota St.
7209 ^Levi BrownQBTroy
7216Kyle CallowayOTIowa
*—from Eagles
^—from Lions

3:41 p.m.: The Bills select OT Kyle Calloway from Iowa with their final pick of the draft.--LNM

3:25 p.m.: The Bills select QB Levi Brown from Troy with the 209th pick. --LNM

3:18 p.m.: Audio from Danny Batten conference call:


3:17 p.m.: Audio from Arthur Moats conference call:


2:55 p.m.: University at Buffalo RB James Stark is headed to Green Bay. --LNM

2:36 p.m.: Buffalo selects DE Dan Batten from South Dakota State with the 192nd pick. --LNM

2:18 p.m.: Given Seattle's trade acquisition of running backs LenDale White and Leon Washington today, it looks like Buddy Nix was being honest when he said he has no intention of trading Marshawn Lynch. We'll ask Nix about that when he comes out later today. I don't think Lynch will be happy sharing time three ways in the Bills backfield, but that's the way it goes.

Oakland acquired QB Jason Campbell from Washington and didn't give up much to get him. One can make a case for Campbell being worth a shot. He was in an incredibly dysfunctional offense last year in D.C. He had three different play-callers. Of course, no QBs had a more dysfunctional situation that the Bills QBs last year. I know Bills fans are dying to embrace someone - anyone - new at QB. But I think acquiring Campbell would just give the Bills four QBs in the same boat. ... What's the point? Feel free to disagree.--MG

2:10 p.m.: Check out this video on Ed Wang and his family from --MG

2:00 p.m.: With the 178th pick in the draft, the Bills select OLB Arthur Moats from James Madison.--LNM

1:57 p.m.: The bills are on the clock. --LNM

1:48 p.m.: Buffalo Bills Coordinator of College Scouting Doug Majeski said Wang's physique and quickness made him an attractive pick.

"He's rarely beat," said Majeski in a press conference today. "When you watch him, he's productive."

Some aspects of Wang's play could use some improvement, said Majeski.

"Are there parts of his game that you wish were a little better? Yes. But he's never out of position. you don't see mental mistakes from the kid. He finishes blocks. Everything about his play is good but there is another level that he can take and another step he can take."


1:46 p.m.: Buffalo will pick twice in both the sixth and seventh rounds. --LNM

1:32 p.m.: That's it for the fifth round. Once again, the Rams are on the clock. --LNM

1:15 p.m.: Ed Wang said he had no idea where he would be drafted and wanted it that way.

"I told everybody around me I didn't want to know so I really didn't know exactly where I was going to go," said Wang in a conference call. "But I'm more than happy that I went here."

Wang said he's even familiar with a former Buffalo big guy.

"I've met Bruce Smith," said Wang. "I actually live in his apartment complex in Blacksburg (Va.), so I met him a couple times." --LNM

1:12 p.m.: Bills fans have to be hoping that history will repeat itself in this 2010 NFL draft. Twenty-five years ago, the Bills took an obscure, 6-foot-2 wide receiver with their fourth round pick. Andre Reed turned out to be a pretty fair NFL player. He helped the Bills get to four Super Bowls and will likely go to the Hall of Fame some day.

On Saturday, the Bills took Marcus Easley, a raw wideout from Connecticut, in the fourth round. Easley is 6-2, 216 pounds. He is known for making tough catches over the middle, breaking tackles, and getting yardage after the catch. Easley started only 10 games in college. He wasn't originally on scholarship to UConn. A native of Stratford, Conn., Easley walked on and didn't play regularly until the 2009 season.

My good buddy, Jeff Jacobs, is the sports columnist for the Hartford Courant and covered Easley last season. Jacobs said Easley is big, fast and explosive. Easley caught only four passes as a junior, when UConn was a run-oriented team (remember how they steamrolled UB in the International Bowl?). UConn had a poor passing attack that year, but made great strides a year ago when Easley caught 44 balls for 853 yards.

"This guy has the potential to be spectacular," Jacobs said. "All I can say is yards after catch -- YACs."

Sounds like a certain guy from Kutztown State who was drafted by Buffalo in the same round a quarter-century ago.

--Jerry Sullivan

12:25 p.m.: Here's Mark Gaughan's Draft Watch blog post on Wang:

Wang would be the first Chinese player ever drafted in the NFL. His nickname is "Godzilla," (which, of course, was a Japanese film creation.) He is the son of two former Olympic-level athletes. His father was a high-jumper, his mom a 110-meter hurdler. They emigrated to the U.S. in 1984. (The People's Republic of China did not compete in the Summer Olympics between 1952 and 1984.)

Said Wang: "My dad came here for college. He went to Wisconsin for a while and my mom came shortly after to be with him. Basically, (they came here) just to get a better life."

Wang was converted from tight end to tackle in college and is considered a work in progress. But he has enough physical tools and good quickness to get drafted in the NFL.

12:21 p.m.: Buffalo selects OT Ed Wang from Virginia Tech with pick No. 140. --LNM

12:20 p.m.: I like Dan LeFevour. I think he's good value here. I like Cam Thomas - DT here. I know they have two NTs. But I like him. ... I'd take Cam Thomas here over LeFevour. --Mark Gaughan

12:01 p.m.: We're now in round five of seven and the Seahawks are on the clock. --LNM

11:46 a.m.: Only a few more picks left here in the fourth round. Indianapolis is on the clock for pick No. 129. --LNM

11:31 a.m.: Buffalo Bills College Scout Tom Roth on drafting Easley:

"He's very good underneath on drags and very good vertically," said Roth. "He's got strong hands to make the catch. He's not a real juke guy like Roscoe [Parrish], but he's got the strength to break arm tackles and the speed to take it the distance."

Easley's lack of playing time in college is not a concern, said Roth.

"If he wouldn't have had more production, he wouldn't have been here at this pick, in my opinion...You have to talk to the staff and the coaches [at UConn], what happened and all that and go from there. Everything checked out fine with him. The intangibles are great. He's a real impressive player. He surprised me." --LNM

11:25 a.m.: Listen to a clip from Easley's conference call with the media at One Bills Drive:


10:55 a.m.: On a conference call with the Buffalo media, Easley, who was a walk-on at UConn, says he feels like he has barely scratched the surface of his true potential after really only competing in one season of college football.

"I only really have got one year of college football under my belt, which gives me a lot of upside," said Easley. "Hopefully my best football is still yet to come."  --LNM

10:38 a.m.: Easley had 48 receptions from 893 yards and 8 touchdowns during the 2009 season. --LNM

10:32 a.m.: With the No. 107 pick, the Bills select WR Marcus Easley from UConn.  --LNM

10:16 a.m.: Tampa Bay selects Riverside High School graduate WR Mike Williams with the No. 101 pick.


Williams tried out for NFL scouts at the Thurman Thomas Sports Training facility in Elma this month. (James P. McCoy/Buffalo News)


10:07 a.m.: Rams select WR Mardy Gilyard from Cincy with No. 99 pick. --LNM

10:05 a.m.: And here's NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to kick off the day. The Rams are back on the clock for the last pick in the double digits. --LNM

9:44 a.m.: Buffalo has remaining in their arsenal one pick in the fourth round (107), one in the fifth (140), two in the sixth (178 & 192), and two in the seventh (209 & 216). --LNM

9:39 a.m.: Round No. 4 will begin at 10 a.m. and each team will be given five minutes to make their selection. This time limit will continue throughout the remaining four rounds of the draft. --LNM

 In case you missed the News' video wrap-up of Day Two, here it is:

--Lauren Nicole Mariacher

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