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Gruden on Clausen, Tebow

Former Tampa and Oakland head coach Jon Gruden is a big fan of both Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen and Florida's Tim Tebow in this year's NFL Draft. Gruden spoke on an ESPN conference call today.

Gruden on Clausen: "What I really like about Jimmy is he’s a tough guy. A lotta guys would have sat out or gone on IR with that toe injury. It wasn’t just a turf toe, there was ligament damange. It was a painful injury. I really like that he played through it. More importantly, I like the way this guy brings his football team back every Saturday. He did it from behind against Purdue in winning fashion three different times. He also brought 'em back against, Navy, against Michigan, against Southern Cal and put his team in position to win. He plays his best football in the fourth quarter when the games are tight or they’re behind. In a lot of the films of these other quarterbacks, I could finish the game, they’re so lopsided."

Gruden on Tebow: "I think somebody that really wants Tim Tebow in their locker room, on their football team, that can see a little bit down the road -- it might be a year from now when he’s had a chance to go to Triple-A, get some at bats, watch a veteran player work and learn the offense. I think somebody who has a down the road philosophy and vision for him will take him. ... I'm really impressed with the way he sits on the edge of his chair, and his work ethic and relentlessness to become great is really second to nobody. This guy has tremendous self-motivation. ... This is a very complex, unbelieveable kid. He is everything that is advertised."

---Mark Gaughan


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