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Jaws on QB sleepers

Lackawanna native, ex-NFL QB and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski on what "sleeper" quarterbacks with potential he sees in the NFL Draft:

Said Jaws: "I have a couple guys. The first guy is out of Tennessee, Jonathan Crompton. … There are some people who have him not even drafted. He’s a guy people aren’t talking about who has real upside. He’s very fluid with his movement, can make all the throws … What I like is he throws with great balance. To be a consistently acccurate quarterback, you have to have rock-solid mechanics."

"Another guy I like is Mike Kafka of Northwestern. He played in one of those strange offenses, where they looked to the sidelines for every play. This guy threw in one game 71 or 72 times (actually it was 78, vs. Auburn). He knows how to play the quarterback position. There’s a real feel for hitting the open receiver, good anticipation. I can see him being one of those sleeper type guys."

---Mark Gaughan



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