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New York Bowl

NFL owners are expected to vote Tuesday on whether to hold the 2014 Super Bowl in New York City. It seems like a done deal for one obvious reason - money. The bid would be a huge help to the Giants' and Jets revenue streams. And as everyone knows, that trumps any other fan-comfort, game-impact consideration. Bills owner Ralph Wilson has traditionally been against playing the Bowl in a cold-weather site. But there only needs to be 17 votes to pass the measure for New York. I don't love the idea, because I don't see how it doesn't open the door to regularly playing in colder-weather sites (Denver, Washington, New England, Philly, Chicago). It also potentially has a big impact on the quality of the game. Don't you want the biggest game under ideal conditions? And it's a negative for most of the fans in the stands. (Of course, with 100 million viewers nationwide, who cares about the 65,000 people in the non-luxury seats, right?) The face value of Super Bowl tickets now is $800 and $1,000. So for that much, you might have to sit through 20-degree weather.

---Mark Gaughan


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