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Whitner: Things too soft under Jauron

Here's a transcript of some of what safety Donte Whitner had to say on Thursday which includes how things were too soft under former coach Dick Jauron, how the Bills are working harder under new coach Chan Gailey and how the team's strength and conditioning program and improved greatly:

Q: You’ve been confident in the past, what gives you the confidence this team can be a winner this year?

"Work. Even if we thought we were working hard before, it’s a lot harder now. So it’s almost like a welcome to the NFL type of thing. In the weight room, it’s totally different from the way we lift, the style of lifting, the things that we do, the running. You know it’s almost like going back to college. You know how hard you worked in winter conditioning in college – running gassers and the number of gassers and the running and the lifting, and the times that we have to be here, and the amount of work we put in, it’s like being back in college. That’s what its going to take for us to win, everybody being in top shape. We’ve been in the top three the last couple years in injuries. So I think we’ll be pretty good."

Q: In hindsight were things too soft under Dick Jauron?

“Well, you know I don’t want to ruffle any feathers but I would say yes. I really feel like that. Looking at the way we work now and the way we worked as a group collectively before, yes. Totally yes."

Q: You’re doing more heavy lifting now under (strength coach) John Gamble?

“More Olympic style lifting. A lot of hang cleans, and a lot of squats. Some guys are haven’t squatted since they left college and getting up there in heavy weight. I think my max was 405. That was three or four reps. I hadn’t did that since college. That’s squatting. The way that we do it, you’re not skipping a rep. They stand there and they watch you, every rep that you take. They tell you what weight to put on and if you can’t do it, you go down a little. So it’s Olympic style lifting. That’s why you’ll see a lot of guys, their bodies have changed. Body fats have gone down, lean mass has gone up. We’re conditioning every day after practice. We didn’t do that the last four years. I think that will help us in the injury category as well."

---Rodney McKissic



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