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Gailey on Lynch

The Bills acnowledged that running back Marshawn Lynch was in town this week and lifted weights at the team facility. Yet he was not in attendance for the team's eighth straight spring practice Saturday.

Coach Chan Gailey spoke to reporters after the session and was asked if he told Lynch not to practice yet for some reason: "No," Gailey said. "This is all voluntary anyway. He was in town. I never saw him. I’m more worried about the guys that are here than the ones that aren’t here."

Gailey was asked: Is it strange that one of your running backs is in town and you two never meet? "I would think that is strange, yes," he said. 

Do you want to meet with Lynch? "Always," Gailey said. "I like to meet with every player we’ve got. Sometimes you do sometimes you don’t. That’s life."

---Mark Gaughan



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