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Lynch to Seattle talk brewing

There were reports prior to the draft that the Seattle Seahawks discussed the possibility of trading for disgruntled Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch. That became a non-issue when the Seahawks obtained LenDale White from the Tennessee Titans. But White's recent release has re-fueled speculation of a Lynch trade.

One reason Lynch remains on the Bills' roster is they wanted more for him than teams were willing to give. It is believed the Bills would accept nothing less than a third-round draft pick. reported today that the Seahawks would be glad to take Lynch off the Bills' hands for a fourth-rounder. Sounds like a deal the Bills should make, if that's true.

Lynch's absence from offseason practices can only lead us to believe he's not buying into the new Chan Gailey-Buddy Nix regime. Lynch made no attempt to speak with Gailey or Nix during a recent two-day visit to the team's facility. Since Lynch apparently doesn't want to be here, the Bills should help him get out.

The Bills have said they aren't looking to trade Lynch. It is possible they are waiting to see if some team loses its top running back to a serious injury in training camp and becomes desperate enough to meet their asking price. But there is no guarantee that will happen. And if someone did lose a running back, who's to say that team would want Lynch, who is one legal misstep from another NFL suspension that exceeds the three-game penalty he received last season?

We do know that the Seahawks went into the offseason seeking a big, physical running back, which is why they got White. But after releasing White, they are left with three small scatbacks -- former New York Jet Leon Washington, who is trying to come back from a gruesome leg injury, and Julius Jones and former Lynch college teammate Justin Forsett. None of them are built to carry a heavy-duty load.

So it would be understandable if Lynch is on the Seahawks' radar. It looks like a perfect marriage.

The Seahawks would get the power back they covet, while the Oakland-born Lynch would return to the West Coast and have a chance to get the 20 touches a game. That's not going to happen in Buffalo with top draft pick C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson ahead of him on the depth chart. A change of scenary also might rejuvenate Lynch, who would be motivated to show the Bills that he is the elite ball carrier they thought he'd become when they drafted him with the 12th overall pick in 2007.

Another thing to keep in mind is Seattle coach Pete Carroll knows Lynch from college when Carroll coached at Southern California and Lynch played at Cal. Moreover, Carroll is reportedly installing a zone-blocking scheme similar to what Lynch used in college to terrorize Pac-10 defenses.

The Bills open training camp on July 29, so we'll have to wait and see if opt to trade Lynch between now and then.

---Allen Wilson 


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