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MADD pilot program

The NFL and the NFL Players Association agreed on an initiative with Mothers Against Drunk Driving on programs designed to prevent drunk driving. One of those is a pilot program to increase awareness on the dangers of drunk driving that will be conducted on game days in Buffalo and Oakland.

MADD will serve in an advisory role to the NFL in its initiatives to promote responsible behavior and prevent drunk driving. MADD representatives will attend and talk to incoming NFL players at next month’s NFL Rookie Symposium. One of MADD’s victim impact speakers, who lost a family member to a drunk driver, will address the rookies and discuss how drunk driving affected her family.  NFL and MADD will also explore having players and personnel participate in “ride-alongs” with law enforcement to witness first-hand the effects of drunk driving. 

MADD and the NFL will pilot game day programs this season at stadiums in Buffalo and Oakland. MADD will develop ways to support its campaign to prevent drunk driving. Elements will include distribution of MADD brochures at stadiums, enhanced designated driver programs, and point-of-sale messaging at concession stands.

---Mark Gaughan


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