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Wall of silence

Is it me or do you find Chan Gailey's comments about running back Marshawn Lynch a bit disturbing. Gailey said after Saturday's practices that he never saw Lynch when Lynch was at the training facility Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, Gailey hasn't spoken to Lynch since becoming the Bills' head coach.

The Bills have insisted that they are not looking to trade Lynch. He said in a recent story that he intends to play for the Bills this season. But if both sides are telling the true, wouldn't it make sense for Gailey and Lynch to introduce themselves since they were under the same roof at the same time? Last week was a good time for Lynch to get in Gailey's good graces. It also was an opportunity for Gailey to let Lynch know that he's wanted.

It's almost as if Gailey is saying, "If Lynch doesn't care enough to practice, I don't care about talking him.'' Lynch seems to be saying, "I'll volunteer my services when it's mandatory.''

At some point, these two guys are going to have to get in the same room and talk. When that happens is anyone's guess.

---Allen Wilson


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