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Jets prices

The pricing power of the big-market NFL teams can be seen in the cost of tickets at the New York Jets' new stadium. All seats except for those in the upper deck require a personal-seat license, which is a one-time charge of anywhere between $30,000 and $2,500 for the right to buy a season ticket.

The upper deck seats for the Jets cost either $125, $105 or $95. In Buffalo, the upper deck season tickets cost between $75 (for the lower half of the middle four sections on each side) and $39. For the lower-deck end zone seats, the Jets charge a $2,500 seat license, then the tickets cost $120 a game. The same seats in Buffalo cost $50 a game.

Of course, the difference is simply a question of demand. The Bills are charging as much as they believe they can while still giving themselves a fair chance to sell out every game. Below is a link to the Jets' new-stadium seating chart:

---Mark Gaughan


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