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LeBatard takes a shot

ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" took a break from its LeBron James speculation-fest Thursday afternoon to discuss former Bill Terrell Owens … and to take a shot at Buffalo.

Owens went on a national radio station … 104.5 The Zone … to vent about his continued unemployment this offseason.

   He doesn't blame the situation on his subpar stats from his one season with the Bills.

   The culprit, in T.O.'s mind? ESPN.

   "I may do 99 good things right, and if I do one thing wrong ESPN and all the people over there make it out to be the worst thing ever," Owens told the station, as recounted by PTI's Michael Wilbon.

02092009204447_Dan_Le_Batard  Fill-in co-host Dan LeBatard, a Miami Herald columnist, said Owens has been a victim of media "overreaction" and praised the mercurial wide receiver for his good conduct last season.

   "He was good last year, Mike, or at least he was on very good behavior," LeBatard said. "That Bills team wasn't easy to behave on. That city's not easy to behave in. And he behaved himself."

   This prompted Wilbon to ask, "Why is Buffalo not easy to behave in?"

   LeBatard, explaining himself, replied, "Just because you're losing and angry and there's nothing to do and you sob on the end of your bed at night."

   Hey, Dan, before I go cry myself to sleep at the foot of my bed tonight, I just wanted to say this: Go choke on a stone crab claw.

-- Stephen T. Watson


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