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Pack profit at $5.2 million

The Green Bay Packers reported a net profit of $5.2 million, according to their annual report, which was released on Wednesday. The Packers, of course, are the only one of the 32 NFL teams that release their financial information, since they are a publicly held franchise. The operating profit was $9.8 million, which certainly is not exorbitant given the team's revenues of $258 million. Green Bay annually ranks among the top third of the league in revenue. Buffalo annually ranks among the bottom third in revenue. Green Bay also has a much higher payroll and higher expenses than Buffalo. The Bills ranked 25th last year in total value of player contracts, according to a News study. (That total factored in the value of contracts in 2009 and future years, not just 2009.) Green Bay was 11th. The Pack brought in $36 million in 2006 from its pro shop and marketing business, which dwarfs what many other teams bring in. The itemized breakdown of revenue and expenses should be available online soon.

---Mark Gaughan


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