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T.O.'s happy landing

In the end, I guess Terrell Owens and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, played their cards right. Owens found a home with a good team and an elite quarterback by agreeing to a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals, as reported by ESPN. I think this is a good move by the Bengals. They made the playoffs last year by playing good defense (they ranked fourth) and a balanced offense. They ranked only 26th in passing yards. They lost to the Jets in the playoffs. They have to get past a behemoth in the AFC North in Baltimore. Pittsburgh is without its QB for the first eight games or so. The opportunity is there for the Bengals to make a push deep in the playoffs this season. Owens gets $2 million. According to ESPN, Owens could earn $333,000 each for reaching the following marks: 60 catches, 100 catches, 900 receiving yards, 1,300 receiving yards, 10 touchdowns and 14 touchdowns. I'd rather have given him a little more money up front so he's not inclined to be focused on the numbers, but whatever. He can help the Bengals.

---Mark Gaughan 


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