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Gailey on coaching dues

The Bills have two assistant coaches on staff who have paid a lot of dues to get to the NFL. Quarterbacks coach George Cortez is in his first NFL job after spending 17 years coaching in the Canadian Football League and 13 in the U.S. college ranks. Cortez, 59, has worked with in a lot of offensive systems with a lot of top quarterbacks, including Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia. Offensive line coach Joe D'Alessandris is in his 34th year of coaching, and his first job in the NFL was in 2008 as assistant O-line coach in Kansas City.

There are a lot of quality coaches around the country who have dedicated their lives to their profession. Gailey gave a humble answer when asked about the dues paid to get to the NFL by D'Alessandris.

“Who can say about that stuff?" Gailey said. "There’s a lot of great football coaches. Not all the great football coaches are in the NFL. And some of us (in the NFL) may not be great. You don’t know. But you just try to make sure you get good people who can teach on your staff, and we’re fortunate that Joe’s here.”

---Mark Gaughan



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