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Chan Gailey on Bills-Lions

Bills coach Chan Gailey on the team's 28-23 loss to Detroit in the preseason finale Thursday.

“I thought our first groups went out there and did OK; not great, but OK,” Gailey said. “It was a great interception to score. That was big.”

Backup QBs Brian Brohm and Levi Brown had to do a lot of improvising on the run in the face of pass pressure.

Said Gailey: “In the second half we couldn’t block anybody. They’re strong on the defensive front. First, second, however many groups they’ve got, they’re strong. But it was an awful display by our offensive line at times out there. We’ve got to shore that up in every respect.”

Gailey on Brohm: "He did some good things and some bad things. I think I need to go watch the film to get a truer evaluation of that. But he did some nice things. He scrambled great. It’s sort of sad when your quarterback’s your leading rusher, I know that. But he did a great job of scrambling."

Gailey on Brown: "He made a couple of great throws, and he made a couple of horrendous throws. We gotta get the horrendous out. He’ll learn from this and hopefully be able to go forward. But he’s got great potential, there’s no question about that. Working with him, he’s got great potential."

Asked if arm strength was Brown's biggest asset, Gailey said: "I think it’s understanding of the game. I think he understands the game. He has a great feel for things. A couple throws he made down the field on some gos were nice throws. But we’ve got to work on the accuracy part of it."

---Mark Gaughan


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