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Evans likes Fitz's mindset

Here's what Bills receiver Lee Evans said today about the Bills' quarterback change from Trent Edwards to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Evans said he likes what Fitzpatrick brings to the offense and made it clear he thinks Fitzpatrick plays with a more instinctive style.

The transcript:

Your reaction to the QB change? Obviously things weren’t moving the way we expected them to. So they felt like they had to make a change. I think it’s one of those things where we know what we have offensively and we’re trying to get there. The coaches are doing whatever they can to help us get there. They felt like this move was the key to doing it. I guess better early than late. We still have a chance to do a lot of good things and we’ve got a big one this week.

What do you think of what Fitz brings to the table? It’s completely different than Trent. Just a completely different quarterback. He does thing that sometimes you may not advise. But he just plays. He just sees the game and he plays. He’s very witty and just plays. With that, you have a chance.

So he’ll freelance more than Trent? He’ll freelance a little bit more. He’s not afraid to get in the huddle and trust what he’s seeing. Or tell somebody to do something else. However he feels it. He has a good feel for the game. He’s played under some very good quarterbacks in this league that he’s learned from. That’s just part of his game.

Does it help knowing you guys won five games last year with him? Absolutely. He’s no stranger to us. We know who he is, we know what he likes to do. At all times you just gotta be ready because he just plays and gives you a shot.

Can you give an example of doing something you might not advise? Against certain coverages sometimes he feels like he can fit a ball in and he’ll try. Its basically just that simple. He just feels the game and reacts off instinct.

---Mark Gaughan

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