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Gailey explains Edwards' release

Here was what Bills coach Chan Gailey said today about the team's release of Trent Edwards:

Those kind of decisions are never easy. He gave us everything he had. We just felt like were not going to go back that direction at the next juncture. We want to work with Brian Brohm. We’ll make a decision about whether or not we go back to a third quarterback or not. We may just hang with two here or we may go to another one. We’re still looking at our options there. Trent did the best he could. He’s a great young man and I wish him the best.

(What changed your position in the course of a week?) When you went into last week I felt like we wanted to see exactly how things went. After the way Fitz played yesterday I feel very confident about the direction we’re going. I think we want to look at Brian as our next option. That was the change.

(did not request move)

(Brohm has not proven he can be the guy, and Trent has played more than him. What do you think of that?) Nope Brohm hasn’t proven that he is. But we’ve seen enough in Brian that we feel like he has a chance. I don’t know if he is or not, but I feel like he has a chance, and it’s a guy that you’d like to give an opportunity to do something. He made the most of his last opportunity when he played in preseason. That’s not regular season. But it was close going in, like I said all along.

(How did Trent handle the news?) He handled it very professionally just like he handled the demotion the week before. He is a guy that handles everything straight on. He was disappointed but he understands it’s a business.

(Trent went from the starter to the No. 2 to off the team. That seems like a sudden move down. Why?) I understand that. And I can see where people would look at that and wonder what’s going on. But as I said I feel like it was close going in. I felt like as we looked and evaluated everything we’d seen up to this point, that was the direction for the future for our football team.

(When a QB has been removed from the lineup multiple times, is his leadership position on the team compromised?) You’d probably have to ask the other players, but in my experience of being around that, it’s never easy for a guy to be in and out, in and out, in and out. That’s never been an easy situation. So I’m probably answering your question in that yes, it could have happened. Whether it did or not I don’t know.

(Is Levi Brown going to be signed?) He’s a guy we would look at very closely. We liked him when he was here. We’ll see what happens today or tomorrow. We’re not going to try to rush into anything.

We just felt like instead of relegating him (Edwards) to scout team quarterback and third team, because we want to work with Brian Brohm, it was smarter to let him move on and try to get another job, get a new start for him and us to move on.

---Mark Gaughan


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