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Pryce is right for Jets

The Jets added another defender for the Bills to worry about on Sunday, signing veteran defensive end Trevor Pryce off waivers Thursday.

Pryce was released Wednesday by the Baltimore Ravens, who reportedly wanted to bring him back. But the Jets beat them to the punch. Jets coach Rex Ryan is quite familiar with Pryce, who part of the Ravens defense once coordinated by Ryan.

Pryce knows the defense, so it's no surprise Ryan plans to play him on Sunday in passing situations.

"We saw it as an opportunity - a window, maybe," Ryan told the Jets media Thursday. "As soon as we saw that they released him, we, of course, got a little excited about it. At first, I was like, 'There's no way he was released.'"

Jets linebacker and former Raven Bart Scott couldn't believe it either, but added other Ravens players wouldn't mind following Pryce to play for Ryan.

"I guarantee you that there's probably guys in the same spot right now jealous as hell," the always colorful Scott said. "Trevor probably gets texts like, 'Man, come get me too.' I guarantee you there's at least 15 other players over there that's praying to God that they get released for a half a day, too, so they can come over here. They won't admit it. But I guarantee you."

Ryan is hoping Pryce can help the Jets' pass rush, which has been hit-and-miss through three games. Pryce led the Ravens with 6.5 sacks last season and his 90 career sacks rank third among active NFL players.

The question is whether the 35-year-old pass rusher has anything left.

"He's got more juice than Tropicana,'' Scott said.

---Allen Wilson



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