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Another blown draft pick

By trading Marshawn Lynch four years after drafting him in the first round, the Bills are essentially admitting they made a mistake. It's not the first time. The Bills have more first-round misses than hits this decade.

Since 2000, the Bills have had 12 first-round picks. Only six are still with the team. The others were either released (Erik Flowers, Mike Williams), traded (Willis McGahee and Lynch) or not re-signed (Nate Clements and J.P. Losman). Flowers, Williams and Losman was certified busts. Lynch and McGahee weren't total busts, but neither lived up to expectations. Clements played well while he was a Bill and San Francisco signed him to the richest free agent contract for a defensive player in NFL history.

Of the first-rounders still on the Bills' roster, none has ever been to the Pro Bowl and none probably would rank in anybody's top 10 at their position in the league.  Defensive end John McCargo (2006) is in the bust category and outside linebacker Aaron Maybin (2009) is headed in that direction.

No one nails every first-round selection, but the Bills' track record of whiffs is poorer than most. Their choices look even worse when you consider the players the Bills passed on.

If you want to know the reason the Bills haven't reached the playoffs in 10 years, bad drafting has a lot to do with it.

---Allen Wilson


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