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Buddy Nix speaks

Here's audio of Bills General Manager Buddy Nix, who spoke with reporters today.

Here are some of his thoughts on various topics:

On the frustration of the Bills' fans: "The only thing I would say is I know they’re frustrated. They’re not any more frustrated than we are. They’re putting their money and tickets in and we’re putting seven days a week in to try to get it turned around. It’ll be fun when it happens. And trust me, it’ll happen."

On his plan: "Here’s what I said when we started and I’m gonna say it again. This is the way we’ll do it. We’re going to build through the draft, we’re going to get as many draft picks as we can. We’re going to be very careful about giving up draft picks because that’s our future. The other part of the plan is if a guy’s not producing, we’re not going to keep doing the same thing – and that being losing – with the same people doing the same thing. We’re not going to do that. After a point it doesn’t change. To be honest with you nobody’s safe. You’ve got to produce and we evaluate ‘em every day."

On whether he underestimated the rebuilding project: "I think everybody knew that this wasn’t going to be – just because you hired a different guy, that everything was going to change. I think things have changed. I think we’ve got a plan. I know we get questioned about that at times. I promise you this: we’re going to stay the course. So what we set out to do and the way we set out to do it is not the speedy way, it’s painful, but you’re just going to have to have patience because as long as I’m here we’re going to stay the course and do it the way we planned because I know it works."

"Obviously I’m frustrated just like you and the fans and everybody else. We didn’t expect to be here, but we are where we are and we’ve got to deal with it. We’ve got to dig our way out. That’s what we try to do every day."

---Mark Gaughan


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